Incoming students

Application and Enrolment Procedure

Step 1 - Nomination from Partner Universities 

The Home Institution of students selected within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme must send an official nomination by mail to within the following deadlines:

  • first semester/ full year: May 31st
  • second semester: October 31st

The nomination should contain the following data for each student:

  • Erasmus University Code
  • Student’s Name and Surname
  • Student’s mail address
  • Field of study and level (BA, MA, PhD)
  • ISCED code of the agreement
  • Duration of studies at the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences (first/second semester, full year)

Step 2 - Application from nominated students

Once the International Relation Office (IRO) of the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences has received the nomination, it will contact the students by e-mail, providing instructions and the forms for the application. The application documents signed and stamped from the Home Institution must be sent by e-mail to within the following deadlines:

  • first semester/ full year: June 30th
  • second semster: November 30th

Please, note that forms without the signature and stamp of the Home Institution are not accepted.

Documentation needed for the application (the forms can be found in the section Forms and Resources):

  • Online Learning Agreement sent via EWP
  • Enrolment Form
  • Certificate of Italian language level B1 or above, if you attend courses taught in Italian - Certificate of English level B2 or above, if you attend courses taught in English or English friendly (see Courses)
  • Transcript of Records delivered by the Home Institution
  • Copy of passport or national identity card.

Step 3 – Acceptance of the application of the students 

The signature of the Learning Agreement via EWP by both Universities means the acceptance of the students.

Step 4 – Enrolment Procedure

Incoming students will receive an e-mail with the instructions to start the enrolment process inserting their personal data in our Enrolment system.

They will receive a e-mail that confirms that the registration was successfully concluded (with the user name and password) and a second e-mail with the matricola number and all the information to access to the online services of our University.

Courses and academic calendar

The School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences offers a wide range of degree programmes: 9 Bachelor's Degrees and 11 Master's Degrees. Each Degree course has its website

The attendance of courses is strongly recommended. The attendance of the laboratories is compulsory. Erasmus incoming students are invited to contact teachers to have detailed information about attendance, laboratories and other requisites of the choosen courses.

Depending on the subject areas, the academic offer is taught in different campuses, which are located in Florence and in Sesto Fiorentino. Students are authorized to attend all the courses available during the current academic year at our School, independently of cycle of study, year or study area.  

The annual course catalogue is available online in the webpage about our Offerta Formativa.

Students can also use a Course Search.

Most of our courses are thaught in Italian, but there are courses available in English. The Master Degree  Physical and Astrophysical Sciences in taught in Italian, but some courses are available in English.

You can also choose courses English friendly. These course are taught in Italian language, but students will be supported with learning materials and tutorials in English by the teaching staff. Exams can also be done in English. Here you can find the list.

Students who wish to insert in their Learning Agreement a Tirocinio or the Prova finale must contact first the Erasmus Delegate of their field of study to agree the project.


Academic calendar and timetable

In our website it is possible to find the academic calendar and the timetable of the lessons of each Degree Course.



In each term, after the end of the classes, students have the possibility to take the relative exams.

The main examination sessions are:

  • winter session in January-February
  • summer session in June - July

In order to register for an exam students have to enter in their student profile in GCS (Gestione Carriera Studenti), where they can also check all their personal academic records.

In “Appelli disponibili” students can see the dates in which they can take exams and register for them (from two weeks until four days before the date of the exam).

The date of the exams are available also in Bacheca appelli.

Language requirements

Most of the teachings of the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences are taught in ITALIAN, therefore it is essential that students have a good knowledge of this language, so that they can attend lessons and take exams in Italian (exceptions are the Master Degrees in Advanced Molecular Sciences and in Software: Science and Technology, both taught in English).

A B1 level (or above) in Italian (according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages") is requested for Erasmus students, who start their studies at the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and attend courses taught in Italian.

Students who attend courses taught in English must instead send a language certificate in English, level B2 or above.

It is possible for Erasmus students to attend an Italian language courses at our Linguistic Center (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo). The first course is free for Erasmus students.

Students interested in attending Italian language courses can register online at CLA website.

Changes to the Original Learning Agreement and Mobility Extension

Changes to the original learning agreement

After starting classes, students can change the courses that do not suit them, but they are allowed to do changes to the original study plan just one time per semester. Therefore, we advise not to make changes immediately.


Changes deadline:  

  • 1st semester: 15th November
  • 2nd semester: 30th April   


Here is the procedure for changing the courses:

  1. Students send the change via EWP or students download the form from the section Forms and Resources. In the last case the filled form must be sent to the Erasmus coordinator of their University for the signature and stamp. Then students send it by e-mail to 
  2. Our Erasmus Coordinator will sign the form and we will send it back to the student. Then the Students Office will update the study plan.

Mobility Extension 

Students can ask for an extension of the study period within one month before the end of their Erasmus mobility. The extension can be up to a period of a total of 12 months, but the Erasmus mobility must end by 30th September. 


Here is the procedure for extending the mobility:

  1. Students download the form from the section Forms and Resources
  2. They fill in the form and send it to their University’s Erasmus coordinator, asking to sign and to stamp it 
  3. Then they send the form approved by their University to 
  4. The Students Office will update the date of mobility.

End of the mobility

When students have concluded their program of study and all the exams, that they wanted to take, are registered in the Libretto online, they can ask for the Transcript of Records, writing to The Transcript will be sent to the Home University by e-mail together with the certificate of stay.

The certificate of stay issued upon arrival and departure is in Unifi format. No other form or declaration will be signed.

The closing date of the Erasmus mobility coincides with the date of the last exam, passed or not, or the end date of classes, if no exam was taken. In the case of traineeships or final work, the end date of the mobility coincides with the end date of the activity.

Forms and Resources

Living in Florence

Unifi APP

UNIFI App, available in Android and iOs versions, offers free access to information and services of the University of Florence.

Students, entering their credentials, can customize the home by adding the icons of the available services: profile, exam calendar, results bulletin board, booklet, dashboard, questionnaires, social networks, map.



Unibuddy is a peer-to-peer chat linking prospective international students with our University student ambassadors:



Useful information can be found on Unifi webpage.

For students residences students can contact the DSU (Tuscan Regional Board for the Right to University Education) through the Sportello studente. They have to register and then insert their requests.



All the students of the University of Florence, no matter their programme, can access the University canteens (mensa). The canteens/cafeterias are located nearby a few of the university campuses. Students can take an appointment to obtain the card in the DSU website.


Public Transport

The bus company in Florence is Autolinee Toscane

In addiction to ordinary tickets, Erasmus students can buy a reduced annual ticket for bus and tramway. Otherwise it is possible to use ordinary monthly or three months tickets. To buy season tickets, you need to register.

The fares are available on the website of the company.

You can buy season tickets and ordinary tickets from automatic distributing machines or tobacconist, bars, newsagents, showing the sign “Autolinee Toscane” or with SMS or the app Tabnet.


Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

ESN is the biggest no-profit student associations in Europe, present in more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions from 39 countries. ESN offers to exchange students help in academic, social and practical integration process through activities in the local sections. In Florence you can find ESN Florencia


Florence clean city

Information about the correct waste delivery. Read the flyer.


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