Disabilities or Learning Specific Disorders (LSD)

Short Guidelines 

  1. Please read the University website page - Unifi Include page
  2. Let the teacher know about your situation at the beginning of the course, or, in any case, long before the exam, in order to allow the teacher to identify what materials and / or teaching methods are most appropriate for you
  3. Usually, the following possibilities are offered to LSD students: 
    1. Entire degree (lectures, etc.): recording lectures, to use texts in digital format, to use speech synthesis programs, to use any other technological tool that facilitates studying and examinations. 
    2. Final exams: additional time (maximum 30% extra time); performing oral rather than written examinations, depending on individual skills; reduced number of questions if additional time cannot be granted; evaluation of content rather than form and spelling.
  4. For students with other disabilities, it is advisable to contact the names on the Unifi Include page
  5. The relevant legislation currently in place in Italy can be found at the following links: Legge 104/92 ( and Legge 170/2010 (;170).
  6. For more information, please visit the following link:


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